Our People


The most exciting aspect of the project is how lovely and creative the people are.

Head of Station Operations

As Head of Station Operations, Johannah has a huge responsibility. But she’s relishing the challenge.

“I’m incredibly excited by my new role at HS2, which actually is my dream job. Why? Because I previously worked as a project manager on the regeneration of King’s Cross station in London and I know from my experience there what a huge impact a major infrastructure project can have on people’s lives.


“HS2 is, of course, on a different scale, which makes it an even more exciting project to be involved in. At the moment it feels like we are at base camp looking up at the mountain. There is a lot of careful planning and a tremendous amount of hard work that needs to be done before we can reach the summit. But we have an enormous opportunity to create something world class. It’s going to be tremendous fun and I couldn’t hope to have a better team supporting me.”