Our People


HS2 is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for knowledge creation.

Historic Environment Lead

Ask Helen what is the most important part of her role, and she’ll tell you, “Communication. I talk to people.”

So what does she talk about? As the technical lead of the biggest ever programme of historic environment investigations in the UK, the answer is - many things. The breadth of topics is extraordinarily diverse. “I could be discussing the framework for research with Historic England, talking with an engineer about how to limit the impact of construction on archaeological remains, speaking at a university career day, or working with a team member to develop their skill set.”

“I am thrilled to know that the work we do will change our understanding of the past. We aim to excite everyone with our discoveries about the historic environment - communities, colleagues, schools and academia. Whether you want to learn about prehistoric people, the Romans, historic buildings or the development of our landscape there is something to interest you.”

As for Helen’s team, she recognises that they all share certain qualities. “We are open to ideas, and curious about what other disciplines and departments do, because we are all working towards the same goal. We work incredibly hard to tight deadlines. And that’s extremely energizing.”

Helen is clear about why people should join her team. “Put simply, it’s an amazing opportunity to be part of a game changing project. It is never dull.”