Our People


Don’t worry if you’ve never worked in rail or construction - that could be your unique selling point.

Head of Occupational Health and Health Strategy

“The best work happens when you know that it’s not just work, but something that will improve people’s lives.”

That’s what Deborah says working at HS2 is all about. It’s certainly a philosophy that underpins everything she does.

She’s responsible for defining the provision and approach of health services for everyone in the organisation and the supply chain.

“The health team has a huge responsibility to lead our supply chain in the right way. We want to deliver all the wider health benefits, and for everyone involved to become lifelong learners.  We want to ensure our suppliers play a part in overturning the burden of ill health in this country.”

Deborah is clear about how this will happen and leads by example. “Our people will make the difference. We have a contagious enthusiasm to see this through.”

She is keen to assemble a diverse team. “We want to build an inclusive railway where everyone's experiences have been considered in its design and implementation.' So if you’ve been busy at home with caring responsibilities, working in a different sector or can offer a different perspective than the 'norm', then your skills are transferable. We really want people who are keen to be innovative and bring a different way of thinking to the construction and railway industry.”

Deborah has first hand experience of transitioning into a whole new sector. “I started out in the medical profession and back then I would never have imagined that my skills could be to transferred to business and major infrastructure programmes.”

So what does she think are the most important qualities a person can bring to HS2?

“Willingness to learn, passion for your work and a curious nature"