Our People


With years of construction and operations ahead, the opportunities are vast.

Quality Manager

Chris was first attracted to HS2 by the chance “to be involved in setting up a mega construction project.”

He found himself “pleasantly surprised” by the breadth of opportunity. Having assumed he would focus on construction because of his work background, he instead found himself involved in quality management - an area which sees him work with all parts of the business.

His responsibilities range from developing enterprise level policy, strategy and plans, through to managing the assurance of programme level processes.

“It’s very exciting to be at the heart of the organisation. I’m able to see how all parts of the matrix fit together, and I can contribute to the way we all evolve as the organisation grows.”

Chris is part of a team with a diverse skill set, and they are often seeking new members with experience of various industries.

“It is still reasonably early in the HS2 programme lifecycle, so anyone starting in the quality team will have an opportunity to shape the organisation.”