Apprentices and Graduates



Thank you for visiting our graduate page.  

If you are interested in applying to join us in our next intake, keep checking back here for more information later in 2018.

The first two stages of the selection process are all online so you’ll need access to a computer with a good internet connection. As you progress through the stages, we’ll give you really detailed instructions so you understand what you need to do.

  1. First, you’ll complete some details about you including your current qualifications, interests and hobbies as well as answer some general questions about your skills and experience. You’ll also complete a questionnaire to see how well matched you are to HS2. This is a series of questions which asks you about preferences and what you might do in certain situations.
  2. If you are successful at that stage we will invite you to complete an online assessment. This will measure your ability in a number of areas - interpreting numerical, written and abstract information.
  3. If you pass this assessment you will then have a short phone interview (up to 30 minutes). This will explore some of those initial questions in more detail and we’ll also pick up on some of the findings of the questionnaire that you completed. This is an opportunity for us to find out more about you and decide if you will go through to the final stage.
  4. The final stage will be an assessment centre. This will be half a day (for apprentices) or a full day (for graduates) at our offices in Birmingham. You’ll meet a group of other candidates and take part in a number of exercises, some of them as part of the group and some of them on your own. You'll be assessed by employees of HS2 and some external assessors who are there to bring an independent view and ensure we treat each candidate fairly. We'll send you detailed information if you get through to this stage.
  5. If you are successful at the assessment centre, we'll make you an offer for a place on the relevant programme. If you haven't already completed your GCSEs (or equivalent) for apprentices or degree for graduates, then we'll need to have evidence of successful completion of this before you can take up your place in September. We'll also undertake some checks on you before you can join us.