About HS2


Our vision is to be a catalyst for growth across Britain.

And our people are setting new standards in infrastructure delivery, resilient operations and passenger experience by applying the world’s best in innovative design and construction.

Could you help us?

We’re doing this by:

  • Adding capacity and connectivity, so that people can get there and get on with things.
  • Developing our operations expertise and planning how the full network will run, so we can build, equip and operate faster than other projects.
  • Allying with experts from industry and Government, to prove that our rail industry can become an export success.
  • Bringing together some of Britain’s leading creative minds, to imagine a network that will be famous for its elegant and accessible design.
  • Making the most of opportunities for regeneration and growth, so that people can share their skills and share in the benefits.
  • Giving thousands of smaller companies, across the whole of the UK, the best chance to earn contracts, recruit new people and invest for growth.
  • Standing for fair and open partnerships with all our stakeholders.
  • Engaging with communities.
  • Conducting ecology surveys and ground investigation – so that when the time comes, we can reduce disruption and build quickly and safely.
  • Showing the way in sustainability and environmental responsibility.

We’ll make Britain proud of HS2 because of what HS2 does for Britain.