About HS2

Our Culture

Could you work in our culture?

At HS2, we have four values underpinning everything we do:


Caring for our workforce, our passengers and the public by creating an environment where no one gets hurt


Using innovation and challenge to lead by example


Understanding others, recognising their value and behaving accordingly


Acting fairly, transparently and consistently

Our principles


We’re creating space to identify improvements that go beyond established industry best practice. By challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking, we’re making a great venture possible.

It takes diverse perspectives and different ways of looking at the world. Your creativity and ideas could help to shape the Britain of tomorrow.


We’re establishing truly shared goals with powerful incentives. Our collaborative spirit is expressed in many ways - with our delivery partners, suppliers, communities and, of course, our people.

Over the next two decades we will manage multi-billion pounds worth of contracts. It’s crucial that we are an intelligent client and that we work with our supply chain collaboratively and sustainably to get the right outcome. As an intelligent client for our suppliers we’ll possess the in-house knowledge and expertise to make the right decisions.


We’re not just delivering a new railway. We are bringing huge economic, social and environmental benefits to the UK. These include:

  • Driving local regeneration and sustainable economic growth across Britain
  • Providing rewarding careers and extending opportunities to learn and grow
  • Setting new industry standards for equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Being fair, transparent and responsive to individuals and communities
  • Designing the railway to protect and enhance the natural and historic environment
  • Minimising our carbon footprint and managing resources efficiently and responsibly

Health, safety and wellbeing

Health, safety and wellbeing are integral to everything we do. We’re committed to caring for our people, our passengers and the public. We do this by creating an environment where no one gets hurt, because safety is core to our business values and ways of working.

We support our supply chain and workforce to keep safety front of mind, to role model good safety leadership and to make safe decisions in every aspect of the programme’s design and operation.

With these values and principles, we’ll design and deliver an era-defining railway that stands the test of time.