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More than just a railway, HS2 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

An unparalleled venture in modern engineering. People all around Britain will benefit from the improved connectivity between our major centres of industry, learning and innovation.

Could you help us to be better connected? Join the great venture.

HS2 will link eight of our major cities and serve millions of people. Travelling for work or pleasure will become much easier – crucially between the cities of the Midlands and the North.

HS2 will free up extra capacity for local passenger and freight services on the existing network. So, as well as efficiently carrying millions of people, the new railway will benefit those who never use it.

And HS2 will begin rebalancing our economy long before the trains start running. It’s already beginning to boost economic development in the Midlands and the North, and to ease pressure on London by creating opportunities elsewhere. HS2 will create around 25,000 jobs and fuel economic benefits worth over £103 billion to the UK.

Britain’s next success stories are in your area, your schools, your work spaces. All they need is the spark to get them started.

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It’s time to start moving ahead.